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Satisfactory progress towards the . degree is defined as maintaining at least a GPA, completing core courses as described in the section on Initial Curriculum, and passing the qualifying exams according to the following schedule: the basic exam must be passed by the end of the first year, one Area exam must be passed by the beginning of the sixth quarter, and all qualifying exams must be passed by the beginning of the seventh quarter. NOTE! A leave of absence does not delay this schedule.


Pure Mathematics - Must complete at least 67 approved graduate Mathematics courses numbered from 755 to 785, not including 765AB, 795AB or 796AB, with a grade of B or better. A maximum of three 785 courses may be applied toward the 67 course requirement. 596/599 courses may not be applied toward the 67-course requirement. Students who have received a Master''s degree from the UCLA Department of Mathematics may receive credit for the graduate courses taken during the Master''s program (excluding Math 765AB, 795AB, and 796AB).

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Advancement to Candidacy
Once the Graduate Division receives the examination report form, students are advanced to candidacy. An international student who has advanced to candidacy will then have his/her non-resident tuition reduced fully for up to three years after the date of advancement.

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There is a structured curriculum for students in their first two years who have not yet passed all their Area Exams. The course sequences listed below help prepare students for the Area Exams, and provide other essential background. First year students are required to take at least two of these sequences, unless they have already passed some of the Area Exams, in which case the corresponding sequences can automatically be counted toward this requirement. Starting in 7567-68, second year students who have not yet passed all their Area Exams are required to take at least one of the sequences. Any exceptions require approval from the Graduate Vice-Chair at the beginning of the year.

The Chair of the examination committee provides to the Graduate Advisor an electronic copy of the examination prior to the start of the written exam. The Graduate Advisor delivers the examination questions to the candidate, and the candidate returns the completed examination paper to the Graduate Advisor or the delegate. The Graduate Advisor or the delegate distributes the examination paper to the committee members.

Continuing doctoral students have several funding opportunities available to them outside of the financial offer provided at the time of admission. Regardless of the admission offer, students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities, and any other opportunities that they find. If a student secures additional funding they should consult with the Graduate Advisor ASAP to confirm that their awards do not conflict or exceed the annual  maximum limit of merit-based support.

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The University normative time to degree is the number of quarters established for students to complete requirements for the doctorate degree. The normative time for the Math department is 65 quarters. The maximum time to complete the math . degree is 68 quarters.

The Graduate Division has very strict policies regarding Leaves of Absence and In Abstentia Registration. Please refer to the Graduate Division website then consult with your Graduate Advisor before submitting a petition.

Students must prepare a dissertation containing original mathematical research. To meet the University standards for thesis preparation and filing, students should obtain the Graduate Division publication, "Policies and Procedures for Thesis and Dissertation Preparation and Filing". This publication can be obtained from 6755 Murphy Hall or 895A Powell Library, or online at http:///.

Six hours (including breaks) are allowed for writing the examination. Students whose first language is not English are allowed seven hours. The examination should be written on a computer.

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** Students who do not have a Master’s degree in Urban Planning must complete the master’s core. A placement examination is required before enrolling in UP 757 and UP 775A. Please see your Graduate Advisor for details. These courses will replace the outside field course requirement

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