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Annona squamosa : The bacterial inhibition of the extracts from the leaves of A. squamosa is positively correlated with their phenolic contents. The acetone, boiling water, methanol and ethanolic extract s of A. squamosa showed low to moderate antibacterial activity in comparison to standard antibacterial drugs ( El-Chaghaby et al., 7566 ).


Do you think I never know about a death(mysterious one) in my surrounding? Without feces.., its everywhere, rain water never just pours into our pond, it comes along the filed where the fertilizer is just feces of poultry and farm animals. Do you think it will kill everyone one of us, please be aware that we are living strong drinking that water without even boiling it. Sad part is after seeing folks from nearby towns my villagers too started using these bottled water, hope it brings a smile into your face 🙂

Adelfa / Nerium oleander / SOUTH SEA ROSE : Philippine

Let me tell something about our Desi cows. They give milk made of A7 protein. This is easy to digest and good for human consumption. Western cows with few exceptions have A6 protein which is that good. Now in USA they sell A7 milk from certified cows. My point is Desi cows are superior than the hybrid cows. Just google A7 milk you can read about peer reviewed research papers.

Santan / Ixora coccinea / DWARF SANTAN : Philippine

I too believe that cow waste is similar to many other herbivorous animals. This article questions 8775 Panchakavya 8776 , your curious mind including Mr. Mandrake 8767 s never questions Endosulfan like panchakavya, why? Just because it was given to you by the so called scientists and supported by scientific evidences? We are using cow bi-products in agriculture and generating pesticide/fertilizer free vegetables for your consumption. The science what you and me know is not capable of explaining everything what is being followed(maybe blindly), some of them may look absurd. Never dismiss everything just because you don 8767 t know or don 8767 t want to know.

Propaganda regarding the utility of cow 8767 s excreta largely emanates from the obscurantist and Hindu fundamentalist forces and appears to be designed to condemn the ordinary human beings into ingesting cow 8767 s excreta under the alibi of 8766 treatment 8767 and 8766 long life 8767 . This is not surprising at all, given the several instances of the down trodden dalits forced into eating even human excreta by the same fundamentalists.[85]

Just so I am not misunderstood, I am not pointing the finger specifically at Indians or that Indians are uniquely predisposed to religious charlatans and pseudoscience. I am saying that all countries that are emerging from (or recently emerged from) poverty, and where life is rapidly changing have these problems, more so than others. Indians can match any country in anything including critical thinking, when provided with similar educational opportunities and exposure.

To decide about any utility of urine of cat , dog or any other animal let some claim to be made at appropriate authority then only discussion can be made.

You continue your reasearch & prove your post but At last fact is not going to change that panchgavya has cured & is curing many deceases that can not be cure by morden science & allopathy.

See our first comments 8775 but writing wrong articles about cow dung and urine will have adverse effect to the agriculturist. Agriculture cannot sustain without cow. This is the basic fact 8776 .

The book ends where the writing of the book began and we met again. Today, almost a year later, Amit manages a NGO, Healing Vaidya, advancing the work he didn’t even realise he had started on the journey that he chronicles in the book. It’s one thing to find inspiration in a book, but to understand where that inspiration came from – that’s truly worth sharing.

I don 8767 t know any incidence where a pharma company concealed any
life saving medicine. In fact, the more critical the drug, the more
aggressively companies try to market it, far from concealing it!
Remember—they earn money by *publicising* and selling drugs, not by
concealing them!

Yes, I completely agree with the author of the article that there is no scientific case to be made for medical use of cow 8767 s urine from scientific literature.

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