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The problem with being a PhD student is you are likely to have been a star student all your life. Your family, friends and colleagues know this about you. Their confidence in you is real and well founded. While rationally you know they are right, their optimism and soothing 8766 you can do it 8767 mantras can start to feel like extra pressure rather than encouragement.

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I know this post is really old but, as I sit in my study at home with one supervisor on leave for 6 months and another for two, it is still extremely pertinent and has brightened my outlook. Thanks 🙂

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Anyway, my second wife was pregnant so i took a long leave and a son was duly born. However since I had been researching for my own business I was setting that up. During setup I had a near fatal accident and all my doubts about a proper academic future surfaced fully. I told everyone this is it. I want no part of this academic rat race as I did not see an end in sight regardless of what I achieved. So I quit.

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Everything seemed right at he beginning: advisor with shared native language (not English, btw), full funding, good project to work for my research, etc. On a quick note, main advisor on leave for my first year but with enough tact to choose a co-advisor for me (having bi-weekly meetings as of now). First semester went relatively well, with no shortage of stress though.

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So I don 8767 t want to offer you any empty words of comfort. The only advice I have is: just have to keep walking. By which I mean just keep writing, doing experiments, analysis or whatever even if you don 8767 t believe there is any point to it. Remember that you are probably not the right person to judge the value of your project or your competence right now.

Hi Radha Thinking that it would be better if you disappeared is a strong symptom of major depression. You should talk to someone NOW. Don 8767 t worry about the thesis until you get things right with yourself. ❤ ❤

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At the heart of this MPhil/PhD is the collaboration between you and your research supervisor. Our supervisors, your first point of contact in the faculty, are experts in your chosen area and will guide you through the process of:

I have been there. I defended with highest honors a few weeks ago, but *many* times I remember thinking, 8775 This just won 8767 t work what 8767 s the point? It would be better for my husband and daughter if I just stopped this self-indulgent, pointless exercise. 8776 What kept me going was the amount of time, energy, and money that everyone *else* had invested in this project, and the message that I would be sending to daughter.

If you're interested in studying for an MPhil/PhD in Management but don't already have a Master's degree, please take a look at our MRes Management programme.

From the outset of the PhD program, you are invited to start thinking about the direction of your research. Scholarly development through the presentation and publication of papers with professors and other students is a cornerstone of the program.

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