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Of course, such an attitude is immediately declared anti-sex, no matter how much one is arguing for excellent sex with an equal who has the ability to give meaningful consent.

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This simple example of simile in Margaret Atwood’s dystopic novel The Handmaid’s Tale is not so simple when looked at more closely. The protagonist of the novel is Offred, a woman whose sole purpose is to reproduce with the higher social classes. Women in this new society have had their rights entirely taken away, even to the point of their humanity. Therefore, Offred’s comparison between herself and a prize pig shows that she is treated no differently than—and no better than—an animal.

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Nothing can beat the pleasure of sneaking some contraband literature from your parents 8767 bookshelves and reading it under your blankets by torchlight.

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But dams certainly don 8767 t cause earthquakes. Navajo Dam in northwest New Mexico is the third-largest earth filled dam in the . A check with the National Earthquake Information Center 8767 s records indicate that there has never been a measured earthquake near the dam since its construction in 6967.

Ah, childhod books. Oh, my, yes the Childhood of Americans series! I still remember vividly the Clara Barton, Florence Nightingale, Juliette Low, Jane Addams and Thomas Jefferson entries.

I did manage to read War and Peace, once. Some years ago Seattle Opera produced the operatic version of War and Peace as their big summer event. At the end of the preceding season, the woman who usually sat next to me, knowing me to be a reading maniac, asked if I was going to “re-read” War and Peace over the summer. I didn’t dare mention I’ve never read it. So, I did read it over the summer, and enjoyed it, too. If you like Lord of the Rings (the book, not the film), you’ll find nothing to intimidate you in War and Peace. But it did not send me off on a Russian novel binge.

You might not catch it if you didn''t listen carefully, but an executive at a major Christian film studio just spoke fondly of. Hollywood fashion and Google energy.

No, I don 8767 t think so cb. What I liked about it at the time was that it was all written from the point of view of an ordinary axeman in Harold 8767 s army. There was nothing special about him, he was just a soldier. I 8767 ll check out Hereward though.

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