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Date of publication: 2017-08-16 20:04

Genetic engineering may result in genetic defects. In humans, gene therapy can have various side effects. In an attempt to treat one defect, the therapy may result in another. Isolating cells associated with a single trait is very difficult since each cell influences numerous characteristics.

Essay Sample On Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering

How human clones are being made - for medical research. Arguments for and against human cloning research. Why some people want to clone themselves or even to clone the dead (and not just cloning pets).

Rogue One: an ‘Engineering Ethics’ Story — SciFi Policy

There are several reasons why it is important to adhere to ethical norms in research. First, norms promote the aims of research , such as knowledge, truth, and avoidance of error. For example, prohibitions against fabricating , falsifying, or misrepresenting research data promote the truth and minimize error.

Essays in support of human cloning.

Thanks everyone for all your comments - an important debate. I know many of you are reading this page because of a college assignment or project - do feel free to post here a summary of what you have written for others to benefit from.

right now, I am writing a essay on why cloning is wrong. i am not focusing on the ethical views but more of the facts. it causes premature death, costs tons of money, has seen a lot of failure, the clones life will be awful, and it reduces a sense of individually among people. good points or no?any ideas for more points?

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I fully agree with this arguement, it is immoral to clone humans considering the current state of cloning technology, but remember cloning through somatic cell transfer is still in its infancy.

Strive for honesty in all scientific communications. Honestly report data, results, methods and procedures, and publication status. Do not fabricate, falsify, or misrepresent data. Do not deceive colleagues, research sponsors, or the public.

i reckon that if we keep reaserching cloning that 6 day all these faults will be fixed and that there will be no side effects to cloning
we just need to keep working at it like with everything we do
we''ll get there 6 day and cloneing will have no side affects
and that extinct animals will live once again.
hundreds of endanged animals will no longer be endanged.
were basically making up for all we have done to all those poor animals that we caused to be endanged

The position is less concrete in the United States. The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent in 7556 for a method for producing embryos from unfertilised eggs, to create cloned livestock. [65] Despite concerns that the patent would extend in to human cloning, the USPTO maintained a policy of refusing patents for human-related cloning on the grounds of a purported violation of the 68th amendment to the US Constitution, which prohibits slavery. [66] Although the 68th amendment is no longer invoked, patents related to human cloning are still not granted by the USPTO.

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