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Advantages And Disadvantages For Male And Female Gender

Your report is expected to describe and explain the characteristics that affect consumer behaviour and outline the consumer decision-making process as it relates to purchasing a car for this consumer. You should also discuss the relevance of the decision-making process to Marketers of cars in general and provide recommendations of how they can influence the stages of the decision-making process.

Top 20 Controversial Essay Writing Prompts On Gender Roles

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Imagine you are a consumer who is about to purchase a car. You may imagine it to be any consumer (male or female, in full time employment or student, married or single, old or rich or poor, children or no children, etc') but be sure to clearly state the personal characteristics you imagine this particular consumer to have. It may also be useful at this point to establish whether you are able to gain information on your imaginary chosen consumer (from sources such as Mintel) so that you have credible sources from which to base your report on. Please note that this consumer need not be you!

Norms around gender expression change across societies and over time. One need only consider men wearing earrings or women having tattoos to see the flexibility of social expectations about gender. Even the seemingly intractable notion that &ldquo pink is for girls, blue is for boys&rdquo is relatively new. Prior to the mid-twentieth century, pink was associated with boys&rsquo clothing and blue with girls&rsquo clothing (still due to the gendering of colors, but with a different rationale associating each color with particular gendered characteristics).

Most societies view sex as a binary concept, with two rigidly fixed options: male or female, both based on a person&rsquo s reproductive functions (genitals, sex chromosomes, gonads, hormones, reproductive structures). But a sex binary fails to capture even the biological aspect of gender. While most bodies have one of two forms of genitalia, which are classified as &ldquo female&rdquo or &ldquo male,&rdquo there are naturally occurring Intersex conditions that demonstrate that sex exists across a continuum of possibilities. This biological spectrum by itself should be enough to dispel the simplistic notion of the &ldquo Gender binary &rdquo - there are not just two sexes.

Confusing gender and sexual orientation can also interfere with a person&rsquo s ability to understand and articulate aspects of their own gender. For example, it&rsquo s not uncommon for a transgender or non-binary youth to wonder if they are gay or lesbian (or any sexual orientation other than heterosexual) before coming to a fuller realization of their gender identity.

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