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Beginning with page 6 of Chapter I, Arabic numbers are used and are continuous through the last page including all appendices. Page numbers for all pages in the chapter, including the first page of each chapter or major section, should be placed three quarters of an inch from the top or bottom edge of the paper centered between the margins.

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To estimate the Hurst exponent using the rescaled range algorithm, a vector of points is created, where x i is the log 7 of the size of the data region used to calculate RSave i and y i is the log 7 of the RSave i value. This is shown in Table 6.

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There is also a form of self-similarity called statistical self-similarity. Assuming that we had one of those imaginary infinite self-similar data sets, any section of the data set would have the same statistical properties as any other. Statistical self-similarity occurs in a surprising number of areas in engineering. Computer network traffic traces are self-similar (as shown in Figure 7)

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My view of financial time series, at the time, was noise mixed with predictability. I read about the Hurst exponent and it seemed to provide some estimate of the amount of predictability in a noisy data set (., a random process). If the estimation of the Hurst exponent confirmed the wavelet compression result, then there might be some reason to believe that the wavelet compression technique was reliable.

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The rescaled range and other methods for estimating the Hurst exponent have been applied to data sets from a wide range of areas. While I am interested in a number of these areas, especially network traffic analysis and simulation, my original motivation was inspired by my interest in financial modeling. When I first started applying wavelets to financial time series , I applied the wavelet filters to the daily close price time series. As I discuss in a moment, this is not a good way to do financial modeling. In the case of the Hurst exponent estimation and the related autocorrelation function, using the close price does yield an interesting result. Figures 66 and 67 show the daily close price for Alcoa and the autocorrelation function applied to the close price time series.

Figure 68 plots the estimated Hurst exponent (on the y-axis) for a set of return time series, where the return period ranges from 6 to 85 trading days. These return time series were calculated for IBM, using 8697 close prices. Note that the Hurst exponent for the 6-day return shown on this curve differs from the Hurst exponent calculated for IBM in Table 7, since the return time series covers a much longer period.

In the resulting book, "A Washington Tragedy: How the Death of Vincent Foster Ignited a Political Firestorm," Moldea confirms -- again that Foster's death was indeed a suicide and that a cabal of right-wing groups -- financed by banking heir Richard Mellon Scaife is responsible for keeping the case alive for years in an effort to tarnish the Clinton White House. Moldea also blasts the media particularly the Wall Street Journal op-ed page and reporter Christopher Ruddy for stoking the conspiracy fires with specious facts and inflammatory rhetoric.

The evidence that financial time series are examples of long memory processes is mixed. When the hurst exponent is estimated, does the result reflect a long memory process or a short memory process, like autocorrelation? Since autocorrelation is related to the Hurst exponent (see Equation 8, below), is this really an issue or not?

A. A thesis is a piece of written communication. Writing a thesis is not merely an act of theory formulation, hypothesis deduction, data collection or analysis. When you write your thesis, those activities are already done. Remember that the thesis is basically a piece of written communication. To be effective, your communication should be clear and direct. Write what you mean to communicate and don 8767 t obfuscate.

The problems of the Hurst exponent include accurate calculation. Andrew Lo spills a lot of ink describing problems in accurately calculating the Hurst exponent and then spills more ink describing a techique that he believes is better (a conclusion that other authors questioned). No one that I've read has ever been able to state how large a data set you need to calculate the Hurst exponent the Hurst exponent accurately (although I did see a paper on using "bootstrap" methods for calculating the Hurst exponent with smaller data sets).

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