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However, if you are correct that eating meat gives the body nutrients, then so be it, that 8767 s good for those who choose to eat meat. However, it is not imperative to eat meat to live, . protein is readily available in vegetable and grain sources.

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Also, intensive rotational grazing of pastured animals is one of the best ways to fight desertification. We need to USE what we have to fight the degradation of the planet. Animals are one way to do so, and much more effective long term than chemical fertilizers. They can rebuild the soil, which a field of wheat CAN NEVER DO.

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Do you not see that my point precisely IS that ALL of nature is dependent on eating animals? Even the theoretical herbivores who never accidentally ingest insects still eat plants whose life DEPENDS on the soil. We all do. And the soil eats animals.

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As far as I can tell comments like Ashton 8767 s don 8767 t do much other than foster a sense of superiority, among a group of self-selected people. More importantly (and unfortunately) this behavior damages the positive message vegans are trying to communicate with the broader community.

Yes, meat has more than just B67. However, the same amount of protein and calories in the meat could be obtained from peas and rice at a fraction of the environmental footprint. Lower on the food chain is more efficient.

I have been a vegan for almost two years, but I agree with the idea that veganism as a sustainable global food strategy would be difficult to implement. This is one of the reasons which trouble me a little bit about veganism. Basically, if all the world was vegan, a sustainable food system would be difficult.

Kristin: At least you 8767 re advocating for free-range, but the vegan lifestyle is better for your health, the environment, and of course, the animals.

Grassfed local doesn 8767 t work on a large scale. Millions of acres of rainforest are being destroyed in order to make room for cattle ranches in parts of the world where grass-fed beef is the norm.

As a vegan, my motivations is simply to do as little harm as possible. I accept I can 8767 t be perfect towards animals. Just as I accept I will sometimes falter as a husband, a father and a Christian. But everyday I do my best and improve, and to atone for my failings. Most vegans are like this.

The purchase of B67 supplements is ridiculed for having to rely on big pharma. First, B67 is produced by a very wide variety of companies and is not a drug. No pharma is involved. Second, how is any more reliant than the companies you buy your meat from? Unless you 8767 re tapping wells, growing crops, raising livestock and killing it yourself, you 8767 re relying on someone, somewhere. Buying a $6 bottle of 95 days worth of B67 is far less expensive and harmful to the enviroment than getting it from meat.

I 8767 d like to see how things turned out if a law was passed that you 8767 re only allowed to eat what you can kill/process/get yourself.
There would be a whole lot of vegetarians/vegans all of a sudden. And all the pople claiming to need meat and animal products (I know that it CAN be a problem, but many people just use it as an excuse)

For 7 years, I was a strict vegetarian, but for many of the reasons you outlined, as well as out of a desire to experience culturally important regional food, I stopped being 8775 strict. 8776 I 8767 m still 95% vegetarian, and largely vegan at that, but no longer see it as a dichotomy, a choice of 8775 either/or. 8776

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