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All storytellers – and novelists, poets, journalists, and filmmakers are, ultimately, just that – know the power we hold. Stories can dehumanise, demonise and erase. Such stories are essential to pave the way for physical and material violence against those we learn to hate. But stories are also the only means of humanising those deemed inhuman to create pity, compassion, sympathy, even love for those who are strange and strangers. Stories decide the difference between life and death. And that is why Dunkirk – and indeed any story – is never just a story.

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The one thing I try to stress with my children wasn&rsquo t so much, do this, do that, wait &lsquo til you&rsquo re this age, wait &lsquo til you&rsquo re that age. It was: Can you handle the consequences of your action? At 65, 68, 75, 68? If you do certain things, can you handle those consequences? If that&rsquo s the guide, they&rsquo re going to make decisions based on that. So I want people who are hurt by not having a family -- I&rsquo ve talked to boys who are so upset they don&rsquo t have a daddy in their family -- and the first thing I say to them is don&rsquo t become that person. You strive to have a family.

Family Security Matters

I think every parent grows up wanting to provide a better life for their children and a more protective life. And hopefully that&rsquo s what I&rsquo ve done for my children -- given them a better life, a more protective life. But at the same time challenged them to be hungry for a better life, to be hungry to support themselves and to be independent. And that I think they&rsquo ve done.

Why the lack of Indian and African faces in Dunkirk

W hat a surprise that Nigel Farage has endorsed the new fantasy-disguised-as-historical war film, Dunkirk. Christopher Nolan’s movie is an inadvertently timely, thinly veiled Brexiteer fantasy in which plucky Britons heroically retreat from the dangerous shores of Europe. Most importantly, it pushes the narrative that it was Britain as it exists today – and not the one with a global empire – that stood alone against the “European peril”.

But Nolan’s erasures are not limited to the British. The French army deployed at Dunkirk included soldiers from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and other colonies , and in substantial numbers. Some non-white faces are visible in one crowd scene, but that’s it. The film forgets the racialised pecking order that determined life and death for both British and French colonial troops at Dunkirk and after it.

David Bork is an international family business consultant with many decades of experience providing guidance and support to family businesses. With a wealth of knowledge and insight into the many challenges associated with running a family business, David Bork provides assistance to family businesses with strategic planning and practical advice. He also offers guidance on the necessary steps a family business must take to ensure growth, success and wealth.

&ldquo Many of today&rsquo s problems result from a lack of good family structure for everyone,&rdquo he said during a recent interview. &ldquo Forty percent of America&rsquo s children are born outside the family. And from that, I think you see a lot of the problems that we&rsquo re seeing with drugs, teenage pregnancy and the violence. I think if you have two parents raising a family, we would have a much stronger community and a much stronger country.&rdquo

   (a)  to respect the rights and reputation of other persons or
   (b)  for the protection of national security, public order, public health or public morality.

Residents of Houston and other parts of South Texas will be suffering from the impact of Harvey for years to come. The rest of the nation needs to be right there with them, prepared to offer aid and comfort both now and in the future.

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