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The Papua New Guinea Conservation Environment Protection Authority (PNG-CEPA) is reviewing the Conservation Act to suit the changing times, demands and needs of the country, CEPA s Deputy Managing Director Mr. Dilu Muguwa says.


In conclusion, environment is a source of live and it needs our effort to conserve it. Every individual should be sensitized on the importance of conserving the environment. For the success of conservation to be achieved we should use conserve energy by using alternative sources that are friendly to the environment. Government should input strict measures of environmental conservation such as prohibiting illegal cutting of trees, waste disposal methods by the public.

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Rural environmental protection In recent years, under the dual pressures of increasing population and economic large scale, the overall situation of China's rural ecological environment is very serious. After joining the WTO, China's rural areas will be more Intervention in the international division.

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How is the child’s exploration & orientation is his physical environment complimented by the Montessori cultural materials & presentations? Maria Montessori had a deep and understanding spiritual view about the world. Very often she talked about the physic energies and what the soul needs. Hence.

The fact that there is a general consensus tto the effect that we must regulate the pollution of our water, air and land, various government agencies, private interest groups, and

The other important method of environmental conservation is to carry out campaigns aiming at persuading the public to plant trees in the existing forests as well as creating new ones. Also, public need to be sensitized on the importance of increasing the forest covers in our planet. Forests serve as sources of life because they have many benefits to our lives. Some of these benefits are they give habitants to the animals, they serve as water catchment areas, they are source of medicines, and they beautify the land.

write about this topic to make people aware that chlorinated hydrocarbons can be extremely dangerous to the environment and society. Some of the effects of it being released into the environment are causes of sickness, birth defects and other issues. Animals are also impacted by the hazards of chlorinated.

technology. The higher the living standard of humans, the higher the needs of human to the environment . In order to meet the demand of technological development, humans obtain natural resources from the environment continuously. It is impossible to give up economic development because of environmental conservation.

The Court x77 s Protection of Criminal Rights The basis of American society is rooted within the people x77 s possession and the government x77 s protection of civil rights and liberties. . (Schwarz, 7558, 77) As the social and political events changed over time, so did the Court x77 s stand on the protection of these freedoms. . Starting in the 6965s, the Supreme Court extended and clarified the protections of the Fourth Amendment. . However, the democratic government must also be concerned with the will of the people, and the people x77 s right to a safe living environme.

P5: Explain the characteristics of the local business environment In this task, I have been asking explain the characteristic of local business environment . I will relate it into the following * Markets * Sector and industry changes * Economic trends * Legal Framework * Markets.

Bloomers (PBC), an equal opportunity employer, and makes every effort possible to follow all federal guidelines in terms of employment and worker protection laws. Our policy is strict adheres to all labor, safety and employment laws. It is PBCs belief that following that law is not only ethical, but ultimately.

However, we need to know why this condition is getting worse and find solutions to rectify. First, in our homes we use timber, firewood and construction poles. Apparently all these come from trees which are part and parcel of our environment. What is much disheartening is the fact that most of those whose who depend on this valuable commodity make no attempt to plant more trees in order to counteract the depletion of the same. Trees in their natural state have an important duty of supplying living creatures with fresh air as well as being habitat for the same. The cutting down of trees for other uses paves way for harmful air in the atmosphere.

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