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Version: Draft:Builder SE. Product Setting: I am in the process of getting Draft:Builder installed on every computer in our building (High School) It is also used by a few students at home. Skill Development: Improve writing/organization with all students regular ed and special ed.

Common Draft — A Contracts Deskbook

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Persuasion also has another dimension:
it is built with facts, which illustrate conclusions. Of course, this means you need to know what you are talking about, and cannot be lazy with your facts, or you will not succeed in convincing anyone. This shows another level of fear: Fear of making a mistake that will make your argument or persuasion meaningless. Since you are writing, and the words are on paper for all to see (or on a web site!), you need to work to make sure your facts are in order.

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Reflexive essays often focus on an experience and your explanation of how that experience changed you or aided in your growth as an individual. In short, reflexiveness achieves learning but also leaves you changed as a result. Often a challenging form of learning, reflexive essays are important for developing critical thinking skills and learning how to express opinions in greater depth. Because reflexive essays center on your perspective of a particular experience, teachers often assign a journal, log, or diary to record your intellectual journey with the assignment. Unless otherwise directed, you should write reflexive essays in the first person and past tense, and frame them in a logical order.

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No matter how well-chosen your topic, how well-researched your information, how innovative your ideas, or how brilliant your understanding of the material, your grade will suffer if you cannot convey all that to a reader through a well-organized, clearly written paper. Writing is an expression of your thoughts. If your writing isn't clear, a professor will assume that your thinking wasn't clear on that topic either.

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Draft:Builder is a program that allows me to create the scafolded structure my students need to create coherent written products. Left to their own devises, my students 8767 independent writing samples lack sequence and often fail to posses the basic components of paragraph structure. Draft Builder allows me to build a frame for them to follow and provide prompting every step of the way even when I can 8767 t be there standing over their shoulder watching them write.

New Speech Engine.  Draft:Builder 6 features the Acapella voices—some of the highest quality, most natural-sounding voices available. Draft:Builder 6 will also play any other SAPI 5 voice you have on your system.

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