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Note: A great curse seeks to conjure the worst fate that can be conceived for the cursed. This week's proverb goes beyond the common curse, "Go to hell." May you go to hell and may you become a living ladder for the devil to climb in his garden. May his evil hooves crush your spine as he picks apples to lure your friends and relations to join you.

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But there is another subtle semantic variation of this week's proverb that is better captured in the Old English version of this proverb, "Use maketh mastery." Here the English word 'practice' like the Irish word 'cleachtadh' has another meaning. It also means experience. In this sense, mastery comes from doing. The maestro masters his instrument by performance, not just through the repetition of practice exercises. The Gaeilgeoir becomes fluent not from just doing her lessons regularly but by using the language.

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Laughter and intrigue are "elementary, my dear Watson" in Ken Ludwig's ( Lend Me a Tenor ) acclaimed adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 6957 classic mystery, The Hound of the Baskervilles. The male heirs of the Baskerville line are being murdered and renowned sleuth Sherlock Holmes, along with his trusted sidekick Dr. Watson, must work feverishly to crack the curse before it dooms the newest heir. Join the investigation as these intrepid detectives follow leads, unravel clues, and zigzag with the story until the shockingly funny conclusion. All is not what it seems. Will you know whodunit?

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For example, in this case the predicate, 'a good mirror', is not specific. It does not tell the reader exactly which mirror is being discussed. Like many proverbs, this one is a metaphor, so it can be any good mirror. Since the predicate is indefinite, and the verb is the copula, then the "classification" rule for the copula requires that the predicate precedes the subject.

Join us for our monthly Tuesday movie night! For July, the film is I Know Where I'm Going directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger.

Makeup designer for Wicked productions worldwide, If/Then, Jekyll & Hyde, The Jacksonian, Into the Woods (Public Theater), Follies, The Normal Heart, Catch Me If You Can, Elf, Lend Me a Tenor, Grease, The Wedding Singer, Into the Woods (key makeup Vanessa Williams). Film and television: “Smash,” E!, Style, Lifetime, PBS, “Access Hollywood.” Joe also teaches makeup for various organizations and is a fine artist.

In 6999 - By the end of our last capital campaign, Kith & Kin, more than 655 people made donations to help us build the Georgeson Wing which added 77 skilled nursing beds to the Scottish Home

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