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Date of publication: 2017-08-12 15:16

This resource provides discussion activities to develop learners'' effective listening and questioning skills, a requirement of the Spoken Language Endorsement.

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This resource is intended as a handy reference tool for students and teachers alike. It covers usage of key spelling, punctuation and grammar terms, recognising that language usage is constantly changing.

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But long before I left for school in August, I had begun to notice my high school friends'' excitement building — not mine. I looked to the future with hesitation, always second-guessing the idea of going straight to a four-year school. Even when I finally decided which college to attend, one week before the May 6 deadline, I was never truly invested.


The texts will be chosen by the teacher and candidate to reflect a shared theme. Choices of texts and tasks will be made by the teacher and candidate, subject to the approval of the consortium adviser.

Help students remove the guesswork in finding a test center. Your school can request to be a test center for students taking the ACT on a national test date. As a test center, your school provides:

When I told everyone I wanted to leave, they all showed support, at least to my face. I couldn''t tell if their support was sincere or not, but I didn''t care. My intention wasn''t to drop out and work a minimum-wage job for the rest of my life. The goal was to enjoy life first and return to school in the future when I know what I am passionate about.

This guide offers some suggested activities for developing students’ spoken language skills throughout the GCSE course and best practice for selecting topic areas for the spoken presentation.

In this unit, candidates will have opportunities for the exploration of creative interpretations, for transformational writing, and for tracing connections between texts.

The first step to my writing process began with the choosing of my topic. This step was by far the easiest step in my writing process. I already knew I wanted to write about Joyce Carol Oates''s Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been , because out of the stories we have read so far this one caught my attention the most. Then when I saw the topic list and the topic comparing and contrasting The Misfit and Arnold Friend I knew this had to be my topic.

The more I thought about the cost and how much debt I would be accruing, I started to feel resentful. Even students who know their exact path struggle to fit in all the coursework in four years. Half of students who start at a four-year college say they''re undecided about their majors, and up to 75 percent of them switch majors at some point, studies have shown.

For Unit 9 (coursework) teachers will help candidates to select three texts with a shared theme. One text will be a Shakespeare play the other two texts will be wider reading texts of any genre. Candidates will write an extended comparative essay on the three texts.

The creative elements of the non-exam assessment and commentary are similar to the existing ENGA7 production task but with the added focus on a style model.

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